Matric Class of 2008 - 10 Year Reunion

Annually, our Alumni gather at the Uplands Festival for That respective year's Reunion; this year was no different. Following a stellar performance by our Old Boys on the hockey field, the attendants all gathered in the Day Pavilion for an evening of reminiscing.

10 Year Reunion

Uplands Derby vs. Penryn

Uplands Derby Weekend vs Penryn has once again come and gone and with it a closely contested and highly entertaining hockey match between our Old Boys and those from Penryn.

Old Boys Team

Blast from the past

Rob Von Dort and his sister Ray Rous recently visited Uplands. Rob attended Uplands from 1973 to 1979 and Ray from 1978 to 1983. They spent the morning walking around Campus with Phil Hemus.


UPPA Chairman's Address

My association with Uplands began way before I was even a blip on my mother’s radar. My mom started at Uplands Prep in 1959 and went on to serve on the Uplands Board for many years during my time at the Prep. 

Mark Ponting