​Learning about insects

The Grade 2s are enjoying their insect theme and are looking forward to their trip to the Botanical Gardens on Monday 26th August 2019.

Angie Insect

CANSA Rainbow Run

The Uplands College CANSA Debutantes hosted a colourful Rainbow Run on Saturday the 17th of August 2019.

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Uplands 2020 Mentors

Student leadership matters in schools. Leadership, therefore, has to be nurtured and is an Uplands goal.

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D.A.M. Evening (Drama Arts Music)

On the 14th of August, the Expressive Arts Department pulled out all the stops and showcased the best of Dance, Dramatic Arts, Music and Visual Arts across the College grades. 

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Matric 40 Days

On Thursday morning on the 8th of August, we celebrated the ‘40 Days’ landmark with our Matric group of 2019.

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